Heritage Construction Co. (979) 459-2727 | When to Repair vs When to Replace Your Roof

Energy Efficient Rooftops

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Everything You Need to Know About Energy Efficient Rooftops, According to the experts at Heritage Construction Co.

Considering heat rises, it should come as no surprise that as much as 25% of an average home’s heat loss is through its roof. An inefficient roof can also contribute greatly to heat buildup in the attic during the summer, driving up cooling costs.

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Heritage Construction Co. (979) 459-2727 | When to Repair vs When to Replace Your Roof

Heritage Construction on When to Repair Vs. When to Replace

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When it comes to damages around your home, the question you are probably asking yourself is always the same: Roof Repair vs Roof Replace? There are a lot of factors that play into this decision, including budget, time, whether the damaged part is replaceable and if you can get a good deal. The older your home, the more you have to consider its rustic appeal. In some cases, replacing a damaged floorboard or kitchen cupboard might take away from its traditional feel that would otherwise be impossible to replicate.  Heritage Construction Co. a contracting company with locations throughout Texas speaks on the age-old question: roof repair or roof replace?

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roof problems

Roof Problems You Should Never Ignore

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Does your College Station home have any of the following roof problems?  If your roof has any of these signs of damage, it’s important you get an inspection. (And always make necessary repairs promptly before problems escalate.)

A word of caution: Repairing roofs can be both difficult and dangerous. In most cases, it’s best to hire a professional roofing company. 


Holes in the roof are one of the larger roof problems for many reasons. Not only do holes prevent your home from being fully protected from the elements, but they also invite wild animals right in.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are one of the most common roof problems for homeowners. From broken shingles to cracked flashing, there are many causes for roof leaks. Roof leaks tend to occur:

  • Near the chimney
  • Under damaged shingles
  • At flashing points
  • Around gutters
  • At skylights
  • Close to vents and pipes
  • In low spots or valleys

If you see signs of a leak, including stains on your ceiling, call Heritage right away for a professional roof inspection.

Water Accumulation

When water begins to pool it can cause serious roof problems. This is especially true for flat roofs, which are pretty standard on commercial buildings. Forming tapered areas over the surface can allow water to run off properly.


Roof materials can shrink and that can lead to many other difficulties such as cracking and deterioration.  Heritage is experienced in performing both pitched and flat roof repairs. If you’re worried about shrinkage, give us a call.

Cracking and Blistering

Over time, roofs can develop blisters, cracks, and ridges. Your chances of seeing this type of damage depends on the type of roof you have. Built-up roofs are roofs made of several layers that cover a relatively flat surface are often susceptible to cracking and blistering.

Faulty Installation

Don’t skimp when it comes to your roof replacement. A poorly installed roof can cost you money in the future. Regardless of how affordable it is upfront. Heritage has over three decades of roofing and construction experience. Whether you need commercial or residential help for your roof problems, we always fo the job right the first time so you don’t have costly problems down the road.

Tree Damage

Whether a tree limb crashes into your roof or branches rub against it, they will eventually wear down the layers of your roof. Keep tree limbs trimmed so they don’t rest on the top of your home. If they are a hindrance to maintain, consider professional tree removal.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged and broken gutters can cause water to back up into the system. When that happens it might eventually seep into your eaves and cause rotting. Always keep gutters clean and free of debris. You can prevent leaves and twigs from getting into your system by installing screens.

Poor Maintenance

If you catch any of the above roof problems early enough, they can be easy and affordable to fix. Ignoring routine maintenance can turn a minor issue into a serious emergency. Stick to a regular maintenance schedule to protect your home and investment.

Call Heritage Construction for Maintenance and Repair

If your home needs a thorough roof inspection, maintenance, or emergency roof repair, contact Heritage Construction in College Station, TX.

Our team of experienced roofing professionals provides immediate emergency repairs to all of our valued customers.